About Me


Hello, my name is Roxy Rowton!

Welcome — I’m glad you stopped by!

I am a passionate fashionista! For three decades I worked within the fashion and apparel industries in varied capacities from merchandising, marketing to consulting. These rich but diverse experiences provided a wealth of clothing knowledge, as well as, copious opportunities to help women with wardrobe building. Propelled by the conviction that women (including myself) want to make intentional choices about the clothing we wear and bring into the closet. We want to transform the wardrobe from a random assortment of garments into a carefully and thoughtfully collection of individuality and functionality.

Often our aspiration to build a better wardrobe is sabotaged by an industry that skillfully designs an insatiable desire for consumerism and a constant compulsion to modernize and update the wardrobe from one season to another. Apparel and fashion marketers spend gazillions to ensure that idealized visions of fashion influence our wardrobe purchases and make it into the closet.

One of my favorite style quotes is from the Greek Philosopher, Epictetus.

”Know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.” 

Since dressing is an every day routine that we must do, we should have confidence in our sartorial choices to build a better wardrobe. Dressing must begin from within, not on the outside. First, we must be knowledgable about our sartorial aesthetics and preferences to build a relevant wardrobe. Defining our sartorial aesthetics creates a fluid balance between authentic style and carefully edited fashion trends. Knowing who we are gives us the permission to enjoy the adornment of the outer package while remaining true and authentic to our inner self.

Second, we must inform and equip ourselves about the significant quality points of clothing: fabrication, construction, craftsmanship, color concept, proportion, sustainability, consumerism, shopping habits, clothes-keeping, wardrobe structure, and outfit formulas. It’s a lot to think about. But — giving careful and thoughtful (intentional) consideration to everything we purchase to wear, a better wardrobe will develop over time — one piece at a time.

Let me say, I have not perfected the better wardrobe. Because of a complex relationship with fashion and clothes, I, too, feel the pressure to purchase and restock the wardrobe with the latest trends of fashion. However no longer I float adrift, letting fashion’s dictation about which trends to purchase or the ploys of consumerism to update the closet undermine my choices about what to wear and bring into the wardrobe. I am peeling back the obscurities, the roadblocks, and the fashion myths to build a better wardrobe that feels authentically mine, translates into an expression of individuality, as well as, supports the unique and varied occasions of my real life.

I would love to help you transform the wardrobe from a random assortment of clothes into a beautifully, curated collection of individuality and functionality. I hope you will accept the invitation to join me on the journey to building a better wardrobe.