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Elements of a Better Wardrobe

Elements of a Better Wardrobe

Many of us have a closet full of clothes, but express dissatisfaction of having nothing to wear.

I write frequently about building a better wardrobe, but how do we take something as abstract as building a better wardrobe and define it, as well as, break it down into an actionable, step by step process? Just as a primer is an elementary textbook that is used to introduce to a subject, I use the phrase “building a better wardrobe” as an introduction or starting point to address the various elements of a wardrobe concept.

In general, a wardrobe concept represents a blueprint or a guide to assembling a collection of garments we need and like to wear.  A roadmap of sorts to move the wardrobe from merely a random assortment of garments to a practical framework for constructing, selecting, organizing, and storing a curated collection of garments. But . . .  before we take the conceptual phrase “build a better wardrobe” and break it down into a practical framework for assembling a collection of garments and accessories, we could be better served by first identifying the elements or the features of a better wardrobe.

While so much of building a better wardrobe is personal and subjective —  because each of us have our very own set of style and sartorial aesthetics, as well as, specifications of dressing for our varied occasions of life — there are elements of a better wardrobe that are universal and ought to be features of every woman’s pursuit to assemble a collection of authentic garments. Listed below are five characteristics of a “better wardrobe.”

Elements of a Better Wardrobe

Form & Function:

  • Garments and accessories should be practical and beautiful

Build a better wardrobe with key curated essentials that are relevant to ever-evolving needs and that underline your philosophy of today’s modern dress codes for home, work, weekend, party, and beyond.


  • Investment in better grade garments and accessories that endure season after season

    Build a better wardrobe by carefully selecting key curated essentials that are fabricated from the finest fabrics, skilled craftsmanship, and constructed to endure for seasons to come. When purchasing garments to introduce into the wardrobe collection, it is important to consider value — the significance, the worth, and the usefulness of a garment or accessory.


  • An expression of individuality and personal style aesthetics

Build a better wardrobe with key curated essentials that are an artful compilation of your authentic style and sartorial aesthetics: cut and color, fabric and fit, prints and patterns, texture and tone, economy and ease, and sensibility and style. Individuality is filtering the designs, the trends, and the concepts of fashion into collection of garments and accessories that is the essence of yourself. Everyday personal style begins and ends with a sense of ourselves.


  • Mix of essentials, classics, and trends

Build a better wardrobe of key curated essentials that give breadth to the collection and generate an ease for mixing and matching. Versatility is not, necessarily, about lots of garments, but rather being resourceful with the quantity of garments we have. The success of the wardrobe mix really isn’t about the quantity or number of garments in the collection, but how the garments relate to one another.


  • Assemble the wardrobe with garments for multiple outfits, occasions, and seasons

    Build a better wardrobe with key curated essentials that expand the collection and go the distance. Embrace a collection of garments that embody intentional function and transition effortlessly and impressively from day to night, from work to weekend, from travel to leisure, and beyond.


As I stated above so much of building a wardrobe is personal and subjective, from personal style or sartorial aesthetics to methods for outfit coordination, from closet organization systems to wardrobe shopping strategies, and more.  And yet every woman’s wardrobe shares characteristics that shouldn’t be overlooked. The building of a better wardrobe with the universal elements of  form & function, quality, personality, versatility, and variety enables us to bring quality, value, merit, and individuality into our wardrobes with simplicity and economy. All the elements for  building a “better wardrobe.”

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