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Resetting the Cold-Weather Wardrobe

Resetting the Cold-Weather Wardrobe

Autumn is here and it’s time to start dressing for cooler temperatures. If you haven’t reset the close — let’s get started!

I want to encourage you to welcome autumn by resetting the cold-weather wardrobe for the months ahead.  To reset the wardrobe for the coming months, we will need to make intentional choices about what we want to wear for the upcoming season. This necessitates planning, constructing, and shopping smartly.  

First, you’ll need to dream! Dream with unrestraint by creating a style file of clothing and accessory pieces that make you happy. In this exercise, gather a collection of favorite magazines, catalogs, or digital images that represent the latest trends and your sartorial aesthetics in regard to color palettes, silhouettes, design details, textiles, textures, and outfit combinations. Let go of preconceived ideas that you may have about a particular color, pattern, silhouette, proportion, textile, texture, and design detail. Also, clear the mind of everything that is in the current closet. No critiquing or editing in the dream phase. Tear, tear, and tear more of the images and pictures of colors, styles, patterns, and designs that resonate. In the second phase you will edit the tear sheets and digital images to define or refine your sartorial and style aesthetics. In the final phase — you’ll review the images to identify what are the needs (and wants) for the cold-weather wardrobe.


Style File

Collect images of sartorial aesthetics that resonate

Edit the current closet: After defining our personal style aesthetics we can build a better cold-weather wardrobe more exactly and intentionally. Now we are ready to examine the contents of the current seasonal/cold-weather closet. This process in resetting the wardrobe involves taking an assessment of what is or what is not working in the way of lifestyle requirements, wardrobe structure, climate essentials, outfit formulas, and personal style preferences.  Edit and purge the garments that are not supporting the wardrobe in terms of individuality and functionality.  After the closet has been edited and reorganized, we can make more informed choices about personal must-haves items for the cold-weather wardrobe.  We should also have a better understanding of how the wardrobe items relate to one another, the essentials for day-to-day style, additional garments to prop up the wardrobe, as well as, pieces to enhance the wardrobe.


Resetting the Wardrobe

an assessment of the current seasonal clothes in the closet

Make the shopping list: After editing and reviewing the current cold-weather closet, we are better equipped to make intentional choices about the garments (and accessories) to purchase that will further enhance the autumn wardrobe in terms of individuality and functionality. Because, there are times when the better wardrobe requires what it needs, but the heart wants what it likes; we can compromise and still shop economically about the required and desired pieces of the better wardrobe.

go-to-looks for effortless style.001.jpg

Wardrobe charts

go-to outfits for chic, effortless dressing

Gosh, you could be thinking that resetting the wardrobe for the cold-weather season ahead seems too time-consuming. Please may I speak with candor?  There are few shortcuts or shorter alternative routes to a fully, functional wardrobe.  The benefits from planning, reviewing, and editing the current closet for building a cold-weather wardrobe far out-weigh the mistakes that result from lack of clarity because we didn’t do the obligatory legwork.  I encourage you to reset the wardrobe every season, but at a minimum twice a year — Fall/Winter & Spring/Summer.

You may also be thinking that resetting the wardrobe for the current season just may be a project that is too overwhelming to tackle alone.  (It can seem a little daunting.)  Depending on the size of your wardrobe it might take several hours to several days. Should you require professional assistance, there are many competent wardrobe and style consultants that can work with you to construct and to select the cold-weather wardrobe you need. Checkout www.acic.org for the expertise to assist you reset the wardrobe for a new season.


Plan, edit, and choose intentionally . . . a fully, functional wardrobe can be ours!

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